A Few Sheet Metal Art Projects for Beginners and Intermediate Sheet Metal Artists!

Welders who work with sheet metal for art projects, home decoration, sculpting, and molding to name a few, can create almost anything from their imagination. Sheet metal is so easy to work with because it is light weight and can be manipulated in so many ways as long as you have the proper tools at your disposal.

Among these tools are torches, plasma cutters, and stamping dies which are all readily available in the market for you to purchase. Working with sheet metal is a process that takes time to hone and master. If you are a beginner or an intermediate welder, here are a few projects that may help you in fine-tuning your welding capabilities. Let us call this project Sheet Metal Art 101.

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8 Funny Welding Signs For Your Shop!

Whether you work in a small or large shop, having a really catchy, funny and interesting sign not only amuses yourself and your co-workers but also customers and visitors.

Here are some really awesome and funny welding signs you could hang in your shop. See if you can find the one that is my favorite.

1. Fabricating Metals and Stories.

welding-sign-1This sure is one humorous way of telling people that welders like to talk while they work. Telling stories, regardless whether they are true or not, is a great way to not just pass the time by while working, but it also lightens up the mood, especially if you are working on a seriously heavy welding task. Warn your customers, clients and whoever comes by: when there are welders, there will be a lot of storytelling around. Continue reading

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Arc Welding I and II DVD Set Review!

There is an instructional DVD for every field of interest and every skill level. If we want to start a hobby and you don’t really know anyone to teach you, or you don’t have enough time or money for taking short courses at technical schools, you might want to resort to self-training using instructional DVDs. With that said, these DVDs can also be used in technical schools for training their students in their welding classes.

So, do you need an instructional set for a tutorial on your first few hours of welding? The Arc Welding I and II DVD set by Steve Bleile, a certified welder and expert in Arc Welding Procedures, not just teaches you the basics; it also teaches you how to fix repairs and how to effectively accomplish your welding projects.

About Arc Welding I.

arc-welding-1The first DVD, Arc Welding I, tackles about welding repair and running weld beads that give you a good time. Among the subjects and tutorials that this instructional DVD covers are: polarity, electrode holders, welding machines, welding leads, AC/DC and filter lenses. It also demonstrates usage of welding rods and other tools.

The instructions are so in-depth that they use video demonstrations that have high-quality digital editing so that you can see piece by piece, even in slow motion, on how to fulfill your welding task. Molten weld puddles are also thoroughly explained and demonstrated here.

arc-welding-demonstrationUsing the E7018 and similar ones, various welding positions are also given video demonstration – from vertical welding, overhead, vertical flat and horizontal. The whole instructional DVD takes about 44 minutes and should help not just the intermediate level welders but also those who are still starting out in the industry or as a backyard hobby. Continue reading

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15 Basic Tools and Equipment For The Beginner Welder!

auto darkening welding helmetHere is our list of the basic welding tools and equipment you’ll need to get started welding:

Gloves – any time you are welding you’ll be dealing with bits of metal and burs that can easily hurt you as you weld or work with the metal.

In addition you’ll be dealing with excessive heat at times and pick up hot pieces of metal (which you should not do), and a good pair of gloves is your first line of defense.

Hammers – Any kind of hammer is good, but it’s even better to have an assortment of hammers. You’ll need them for all sorts of situations like when metal gets stuck as you weld your projects.

C-clamps – These last a long time and you’ll need quite a few of them over time. You can get them really cheap at just about any hardware store. Continue reading

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How To Choose A Welder

tig welding procedureMig, Stick, and TIG Welding 101:  A MIG welder is basically a wire feed feed welder (flux core). Most mig welders can be used for both wire feed welding and mig welding. To go from wire feed welding to mig welding simply requires you to get shielding gas.

You buy shielding gas, attach it to your welder, adjust the settings, and now your wire feed flux core welder is a mig welder. Simple as that!

Why would you want MIG over flux core?

They both have their advantages and disadvantages. The MIG welding process allows you to weld more types of metals including stainless steel and aluminum, and the welds look nicer (overall). But since it requires a bottle of shielding gas, it’s not the most portable option. But if you are going to be welding in one location that is no big deal.

Flux core wire welding is good if you are going to weld outdoors because you don’t need the shielding gas. But you are mostly limited to welding mild steel with this procedure.

With that said, MIG welding is the most popular form of welding, overall. Flux core is the most popular form or wire feed welding for complete newbies who want to practice welding or weld baic mild steel projects prior to messing around with shielding gas.

Tig Welders:

TIG welding is the next step for anyone who is MIG or Wire Feed Welding. It’s more advanced than MIG and Stick welding so you’ll need to develop your skills by practicing. You should at least get a good dvd on the subject of tig welding, and if you can attend a local welding class on TIG, that would be a big benefit.

TIG welding is advantageous for serious welders becauase you can weld lots of different kinds of materials well like aluminum, copper and more.

If your welding projects require tough welds like tube welding and curves (like S curves), then you’ll definitely want to use this procedure at some point, but you can still get away with MIG welidng in these areas as well.

Stick Welders:

Stick welding has it’s advantages and disadvantages as well. Most newbie welders will consider a wire feed or stick welder before any other type of welder because they are both the easiest entry level welding procedures.

Put simply, stick welding is a good alternative to MIG welding because MIG welding requires the metal to be clean, and the conditions need to be wind-free. On the other hand, stick welding can weld dirty rusty metal in the wind.

Lastly, stick welding is a little bit of a pain because you will need to get a new welding rod constantly was you weld which can become time consuming and frustrating if you have a lot of welding to do. Conversely, MIG wire feed welding has a continuous and automatic wire feed and requires less skill than stick. With that said, stick welding is still fun and isn’t very difficult to learn either.

Which Welder Should You Get?

If you are just starting out get a MIG wire feed welder. It may be the only machine you need for a long time. Maybe forever. But buy a good one. You can also start out with Stick welding because it’s quit easy, however, it requires two hands while MIG welding usually does not.

What Kind Of MIG Welder Should You Buy?

Depending on your budget you should consider buying a good brand name that has a warranty. Do not buy a used MIG welding from someone online. Buy a new one. They are really cheap. Read this article on welders.

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6 Simple Welding Projects for beginner or intermediate welders

6 Beginner Welding Projects

Welding has been around for decades. Forge welding was one of the first processes in welding ever used. In forge welding, two metals were joined together using heat, pounding and striking. This is what blacksmiths did centuries ago. Since then, welding has advanced with new techniques and methods. Welding is not confined to an industrial setting anymore; in fact it can be done anywhere. This article discusses 6 welding beginner welding projects. Continue reading

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How To Use Social Media To Get A Welding Job

Top Two Social Media Sites For Job Prospecting:

There are many social media sites that any welder can use to prospect for a career in welding. But in this article I am going to focus on the top two social media sites: LinkedIn and Facebook.

There are several other very popular social media sites like Twitter and Youtube, but they are not the best places to prospect for a career in welding. You want to go where the leaders and business owners are active in social media in the industry, and that is LinkedIn and Facebook.

There are ways to use other social media sites like Youtube and Twitter, but that is for another article, or you can review this resource for clever and proven welding job prospecting techniques that nobody knows about. Continue reading

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Farm Welding Projects and Ideas!

Wealth of Experience:

One of the best apprenticeships or experiences you can receive in welding is on a farm. Farming requires that all the machinery is in good repair at all times.

A farmer cannot afford to wait four or five days to replace a broken part on a tractor or combine when crops are crucially dependent on timing. Nor can a dairy farmer allow his milking parlor to remain idle because something breaks in the machinery. How about those fences, rails, and sheet metal parts? There’s a plethora of projects to take care of on a farm.

A welder is as crucial to farm equipment as a plow, and saves the farmer countless hours and money that would otherwise be spent in replacement parts.

 farm welding projectsPractical Applications

Not only is farm equipment in constant need of repair, but welding has many uses on the grounds as well. A farmer will periodically move fences and pens, alter steel gates and chutes, and reinforce weakened metal barriers. Continue reading

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Land Yourself a High Paying Welding Job!

welding-schoolThe welding industry has a very diverse nature, which offers quite a number of opportunities for work. The only problem here is in landing a high paying welding job.

This document will act as a guide in achieving this task. Welding can offer you an extremely productive career and a great way of spending your work time. If you like working manually and don’t mind the “light show” then this is a good choice for you. However, this career is a field that’s competitive. Continue reading
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Transformer Welder Guide!

Welding SteelThe transformer welder is older than the newer inverter welder. Some still consider this welder to be superior but others have moved on and now use the inverter welder more often. There are many debates about which welder is better.


The transformer welder is a lower cost welder that many welders like to use. This means that in your day to day work you’re not going to have to shell out as much cash to keep your welder operational. Over time this is going to be a good investment for you and your business.

Anywhere you can save money is going to be beneficial to you. Transformer welders are also older so you will be able to find these at budget prices since many are switching to the newer inverter welders. If you’re new to welding this can save you tons of money in the long run. If you don’t have the budget for the inverter welder then the transformer offers you a good bargain. Continue reading

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