10 Welding Project Ideas!

Welding Project Idea #1: Horseshoe Wine Rack.

A horseshoe wine rack is a really easy but cool project you can do. All you need is 12 or more horseshoes, which are easy and cheap to find, a welder, some bit’s of metal to hold it together, and you will have a really nice looking piece of art that anyone would like to have in their home.

Welding Project Idea #2: Go Kart Frame.

You can build a go kart frame in no time using our plans. We are biased, but our plans are really good.

Plus, this is a project that is fun, worthwhile, and if you want to get other people involved in the project they would have fun too (kids!)

Everyone likes a go Kart.

Welding Project Idea #3: Shelves.

Build some steel shelves for storage in your garage. Your wife will love you for it because I am sure they hate all the clutter you’ve created in there -)

Welding Project Idea #4: Welding Table.

You have to have a solid welding table in your work area. After all, what the heck are you going to weld on? Your old kitchen table? I don’t think so. This could be your most worthwhile first project.

Welding Project Idea #5: Steel and Metal Storage.

You have to store your bits of metal for welding. So why not create an organized storage container rather than just throwing them any old place in your shed or garage?

storage rack project

Welding Project Idea #6: Plant Stands.

Everyone likes plants. And most people like to have a nice plant stand to hang their little plants on. Especially at eye level because most plant freaks like to talk to their plant too 🙂

Welding Project idea #7: Stool.

You need a stool to sit on when you tired of welding on your feet all the time. You’ll be grinding and cleaning too, so why not do it on a stool you welded together yourself.

Welding Project Idea #8: Barbecue.

You can weld together a grill or barbecue in no time. All you need is a set of plans. To make things really simple go get a clean 55 gallon barrel. You can build one out of that. It’s not pretty but it does the trick.

Welding Project Idea #9: Compost Unit.

Everyone likes good soil for their plans. Build a composting barrel unit for this task.

Welding Project Idea #10: Dolly.

A more advanced welding project is go build a dolly. This will be a challenging project but it will be worthwhile. We have plans for that too 🙂

dolly build


  1. Jesse Velasquez

    Im looking for welding plans on how to build an incline weight bench. can you help I can seem to find anything.


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