6 Metal Art Selling Tips!

The opportunity to earn money selling a product is everywhere, especially if your product is a specialty item that belongs to a niche market where there is an ever growing demand for what you have to offer. Take collecting metal art as an example.

People who collect art created from metal is a highly specialized market where the competition is not as stiff as industries such as food, beverage, and clothing to name a few.

If you are an excellent and unique metal art creator, you have a wonderful opportunity to earn a good living selling your creations as there is indeed a thriving market for your product. You simply have to be ingenious about how you go about selling your product. Here are 6 tips that may help you.


Invest in a CNC Plasma Cutting Machine or Hand Held Plasma Cutter.

To make your metal art more original, you may want to invest in a CNC plasma cutting machine as it opens up newer avenues for you to create metal art that is unique and attractive. Many metal artists need this because they are able to design art in their computers/laptops and use this machine to cut metal according to their designs.

CNC machines are ideal for creating silhouette art, which is very in-demand when it comes to metal art. CNC machines even allow artists to be more creative as they allow artists to download and collect numerous designs and templates by which they can fashion something original and unique. Working with a CNC machine also allows artists to be able to make their own clip arts and templates to produce art that is even more original.

Is Hand Held Preferable?

But many of us don’t have the room for one of these large machines and the cost can be excessive. What many consider a better tool for cutting metal is a hand held plasma cutter because you have more creative control of what you are doing and can hand trace your artwork rather than have a robot do it.

Plus, the hand held look can create a more realistic and artistic feel to your work which you cannot achieve with a perfect cut from a cnc machine.

Create Metal Art Based on the Need of Others.

One of the most common pitfalls that many artists stumble into is creating art that only pleases them. This is a common problem that many artists deal with as they have no clue about what the public wants.

To be able to sell art, you must study what the market is interested in. These trends are exactly what you need to follow in order to have a shot at producing art that will actually sell.

It does not have to be exactly what is popular right now but it has to at least touch a nerve with the metal art collectors. Once word spreads about how different or unique your art is, people will start showing interest and hopefully, this will lead to more sales for your creations.

Create a Social Network Page of Your Art.

Creating an account on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, or Pinterest featuring your works of art is always a great idea as most people who have access online spend numerous hours a day checking their favorite social network sites.social network

If you take pictures of your metal art and feature them on these sites with complete descriptions, people are sure to take notice especially if your art is unique and attractive.


Some social networking websites actually do not allow you to sell abruptly on your profile page, which is why you should also feature your art on eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, and similar other sites that allow you to sell.

The purpose of featuring your art on social networking sites is to generate a buzz about your work. It is to also to improve traffic on your webpage so that more and more people are aware of your business. This will lead to better sales on your eBay or Amazon page.

Hire Writers to Blog or Write about Your Art.

Another effective way that you can generate online traffic about your art is to hire writers with the specific job of writing positive blogs and articles about your art. When you have blogs and articles that speak about how creative and unique your art projects are, this will only improve the hype that you have created on your social network pages.

Blogs and web articles reach tens of thousands of people daily and those who are interested in metal art will more than likely take the time to read the articles.

If they like your creations, this will also translate into more sales for your metal art.

Network Yourself Properly.

There are many people who are not successful at selling their art because they fail to network themselves properly. Art is a product just like food and clothing. If you do not find the right channels of where to sell your product, then chances are you will not be able to sell your product at all. Finding the right channels of distribution takes a lot of time and determination.

You must find the right circles of art collectors who are willing to buy metal art. You must also search for numerous metal art communities that consist of other artists such as yourself.

metal art

In these communities, you must establish numerous relationships with other artists so that you can help each other sell your products by creating events such as art exhibitions that showcase your products as well as other artists’ creations. These exhibitions attract many people, often with a checkbook on-hand, to purchase artwork by up-and-coming artists.

Show Your Art Work to a Reputable Dealer.

If you really want to sell metal art immediately, you should consider visiting numerous art dealers with good reputations. Working with art dealers come with many advantages and disadvantages. The greatest advantage with working with a reputable art dealer is that you can be certain that he or she has an already established network of metal art collectors and artists.

In this vast network of art aficionados, you art dealer will be able to find people interested in your artworks. Now for the disadvantages: the greatest disadvantage of working with an art dealer is that you must pay them a percentage of the sale. Whether it is 5% or 15%, you must always pay your art dealers as this is the way they make their living. Through their efforts, you are able to sell your art at even higher margins because these professionals know how to sell art to even the most skeptical art collector.

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