8 Funny Welding Signs For Your Shop!

Whether you work in a small or large shop, having a really catchy, funny and interesting sign not only amuses yourself and your co-workers but also customers and visitors.

Here are some really awesome and funny welding signs you could hang in your shop. See if you can find the one that is my favorite.

1. Fabricating Metals and Stories.

welding-sign-1This sure is one humorous way of telling people that welders like to talk while they work. Telling stories, regardless whether they are true or not, is a great way to not just pass the time by while working, but it also lightens up the mood, especially if you are working on a seriously heavy welding task. Warn your customers, clients and whoever comes by: when there are welders, there will be a lot of storytelling around.

2. Funny Welding Sign For Advertising Hourly Rates.

welding-sign-2Most workers and welders do not want to be disturbed when they are working, especially if the people who will disturb them are not aware of the dangers of welding nor are they even knowledgeable in welding. Most of the time, these clients or customers tend to be quite the nagger when it comes to getting the work done. If you experienced a lot of this, you might want to try hanging this sign on your shop and see how customers will react.

If you are a professional welder then this is a must have sign because you know there is some truth to it!

3. Danger: I did all the welding myself.

welding-sign-3This is a nice sign to show off your pride as a solo welder in your shop, especially if you have those customers and / or bystanders who like to criticize your work when they don’t even know the basics of welding and they are not even in the driver’s seat to experience the hard labor themselves.

4. To Avoid Injury.

weldig-sign-4Roughly same as the previous one, except this is also a safety hazard sign to ward off bystanders and naggers who might get in the way of you and your dangerous job. Not everyone knows the safety standards of welding so you should also warn them. But if they are the type who can’t really be talked over, you can use this witty shop sign to inform or remind them.

5. Welder by Day, Porn star by Night.

welding-sign-5Need to unleash the inner porn star in you as a welder? Here is another way not just to seduce the ladies being a badass welder but also take pride in being a multitasking welder, and that even welders have their, uhm, needs.

6. When the Helmet Drops.

welding-sign-6Welders cannot be disturbed when they are working. Here is one funny welding shop sign that might make your customers laugh so hard.

7. Welders Do It in All Positions.

welding-sign-7A bit similar to the “Porn star by Night” sign, this one is yet another witty thing to display to pick up chicks. You can even use this slogan as a t-shirt design if you are really up for it. The thing is that it’s quite pun-ny, if you ask me. There is also a good t-shirt version of this sign here.

8. Welding Parking Only Sign.

This is also a funny way of tellingĀ people that you should refrain from parking in your spot in the parking lot, or in front of your home and/or garage. This is one of my favorites.

Welding is not just a serious business, hobby or profession – it is also quite dangerous and requires a lot of skill, determination and patience that is unfortunately tested a lot. So the next time someone comes to your shop and attempts to distract you or wrongfully correct your work, place these signs to show them who’s boss and that you’re tired with their crap – or just to lighten up the mood in the shop.

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