Arc Welding I and II DVD Set Review!

There is an instructional DVD for every field of interest and every skill level. If we want to start a hobby and you don’t really know anyone to teach you, or you don’t have enough time or money for taking short courses at technical schools, you might want to resort to self-training using instructional DVDs. With that said, these DVDs can also be used in technical schools for training their students in their welding classes.

So, do you need an instructional set for a tutorial on your first few hours of welding? The Arc Welding I and II DVD set by Steve Bleile, a certified welder and expert in Arc Welding Procedures, not just teaches you the basics; it also teaches you how to fix repairs and how to effectively accomplish your welding projects.

About Arc Welding I.

arc-welding-1The first DVD, Arc Welding I, tackles about welding repair and running weld beads that give you a good time. Among the subjects and tutorials that this instructional DVD covers are: polarity, electrode holders, welding machines, welding leads, AC/DC and filter lenses. It also demonstrates usage of welding rods and other tools.

The instructions are so in-depth that they use video demonstrations that have high-quality digital editing so that you can see piece by piece, even in slow motion, on how to fulfill your welding task. Molten weld puddles are also thoroughly explained and demonstrated here.

arc-welding-demonstrationUsing the E7018 and similar ones, various welding positions are also given video demonstration – from vertical welding, overhead, vertical flat and horizontal. The whole instructional DVD takes about 44 minutes and should help not just the intermediate level welders but also those who are still starting out in the industry or as a backyard hobby.

About Arc Welding II.

arc-welding-2In the second instructional DVD, you will find mostly tutorials about welding joint techniques, metal preparation demonstrations and fit-ups, and more information about molten weld puddles.

You are given more in-depth training for setting up amperages, travel speed, and other parameters when dealing with molten weld puddles, aside from the basics of it.

Sample Clip From Arc Welding 2:

Most video demonstrations you can also find here include joint fit up as well as butt joints, V beveled, lap, T and corner welding techniques. You’ll find the metal preparation tutorials quite easy to understand and can help those who are in the middle of advanced welding and starting out, as well as those who have been experienced in the field of welding.

arc-welding-tutorialAmperages settings and other things you need to be mindful of when doing live welding, the video demonstrations can really help you get the best quality welds you have done so far. The Arc Welding II DVD is a step further than the first DVD, catering more for the advanced welders, running at about 45 minutes.

The Arc Welding I and II DVD set was made by Wall Mountain Company Studios, with the demonstrations done by Steve Bleile. As most of you know, Bleile has already done 6 other professional DVDs for welding training, so you might want to check those out as well. He is also an ASME certified welder and has already spent 25 years in the welding industry. As of now, Bleile owns and operates a custom fabrication shop.


arc-welding-1-and-2Training yourself with an instructional DVD like Arc Welding I and II is considered a great and practical option.

You can get both of them in one set which will save you money.

If you only want to get some of the basic techniques, polish them using these tutorials, and improve your work. Whether you are only a beginner at welding, at intermediate level, or an advanced / experienced welder, you will definitely enjoy this DVD as it teaches you more than just the basics but also quite a few handy techniques with in-depth demonstrations.

You can read more about the author of this dvd set as well as other noted welding DVD titles such as GMAW (MIG) Wire Feed Welding, Flux Core Arc Welding, Oxy Acetylene Welding, and Torch Cutting on this page.

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