Arc Welding Project Ideas!

Arc welding is an interesting type of welding that many enjoy trying to master. The issue is that to master such a welding technique there is the need to have projects to weld. If you are a hobby welder this causes a dilemma as you try to find unique and interesting project ideas for your workshop.

arc weldingIf this sounds like you then do not despair as we will give you a few ideas to think about creating while also getting your imagination running on other projects you could embark on building your portfolio with. Arc welding project ideas are actually harder to find than one would think, in light of this read on and find out more about Arc welding project ideas.

What projects are best suited for arc welding?

Almost any project utilizing steel for its material is best suited for arc welding. This being said you need to understand the thickness of the material being welded and also your own level of welding experience before undertaking and arc welding project ideas.

Beginner Arc Welding Project Ideas

This project is for a firewood rack. To make this rack you will need box section and a small gauge metal sheet. Cut four lengths of box section at 800 mm, four lengths at 300 mm and four lengths of box section to 400 mm. Weld 2 300 mm lengths on each end of 2 800 mm lengths, now weld the other two 800 mm lengths on the opposite side. You should now have two rectangles.

Using the four 400 mm pieces of box section and weld on each corner of one rectangle so the 400 mm lengths face upwards, now weld the other rectangle on the top.

To finish off cut 3 x 800mm by 400mm sheets and 2 x 300 mm by 400 mm sheets. Weld one of the 800 by 400 sheets to the bottom and one of each side, weld the other two sheets on each end and you have a very sturdy firewood box.

Intermediate Arc Welding Project Idea:

For an interesting and unique project why not build a horse hay feeder. For this project you will require angle iron and thin gauge flat. Cut the angle iron to 1000 mm and drill 5 holes at 200 mm intervals (these will be for screwing to a wall).

Now you will need to cut two pieces of flat and bend them to a semi circle shape 1000 mm in diameter so each end can be welded to the end of the angle iron bracket so on faces down and one faces out at 90 degrees angles from one another.

Once this is done you then need to cut and bend 8 pieces of flat so they comfortably fit from one of the semi circle flat bars to the other, now weld them on.

You should be left with a large hay feeder you can fit anywhere for a horse.

Advanced Arc Welding Project Idea:

Why not go for something a little out there that you would never have thought of. Have you got a home you wish to make a little more luxurious? Then get into gear and build your very own spiral staircase.

This may sound like a huge undertaking, but truthfully it’s not as hard as it sounds. To build a spiral staircase you need a solid round metal column for the stair to spiral round. Next you need to measure the width of the steps you want and cut them out of 125 mm or thicker plate. Once all steps are ready you need to drill holes in your column and bolt the steps on, then weld the steps into place making sure they are at realistic intervals for taking steps.

Now you need to use bent tubing to weld along the steps all the way up. Now use box section on each step about 1200 mm in height and use the same process with the bent tubing along the top of the box section to act as your hand rail.

As each spiral staircase needs different measurements you will need to review your requirements and design with the measurements you need in mind.


The above projects have been specifically put forward to show what you can create at differing levels of arc welding knowledge. While these are unique and interesting arc welding project ideas you will wish to undertake to underpin your learning’s and build your portfolio, we also hope that through these projects you will gain some thought on other projects you can create.

Arc welding is a fun and interesting welding technique that takes time to master, so why not learn to master this welding technique by using our welding projects to help you along your way to welding success.

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