Land Yourself a High Paying Welding Job!

welding-schoolThe welding industry has a very diverse nature, which offers quite a number of opportunities for work. The only problem here is in landing a high paying welding job.

This document will act as a guide in achieving this task. Welding can offer you an extremely productive career and a great way of spending your work time. If you like working manually and don’t mind the “light show” then this is a good choice for you. However, this career is a field that’s competitive.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, welding and welding-related jobs are told to increase at a rate of 6% that by 2020 workers can reach up to 50,000 or more. Technological advancements have the key role in determining the kind of career you have including the changes in demands considering the competitiveness other countries bring.


The first important thing in this lucrative career is education and experience. This may be disconcerting for most but go on reading.

This guide will show you how to learn cutting edge methods in landing a high paying job that is not taught elsewhere. It is crucial therefore that you read the entire thing because job opportunities are rare for workers who are inexperienced.

welding-migWork opportunities are mostly available for experienced and accredited workers. In fact, a lot of welders have been certified by various governing bodies in their locality and if you don’t have background competing with these welders is a race you’ll struggle to win.

You have the option to become a Welder’s Apprentice to start building your resume by going OJT training. Fortunately, a lot of welding companies provide apprentice programs especially for beginners. You can spend a number of weeks being an apprentice so you can learn the most basic skills necessary. However, it would take a year befo
re you can solidify your resume since this is the least amount of time equivalent to skill while finishing high school is equivalent to responsibility.

Welding Continued Education:

The next phase is to attend welding continued education where you will learn various techniques and handling advancing technology in the industry.

Many companies do not hire welders as apprentice especially if they have not finished a beginner’s course for the technology related to welding. You can lock into your local community schools for any opportunities related to this field or go for schools offering welding courses. As previously mentioned, technology is the ever changing factor in the welding business including computer-assisted welding technology.

Being in school does not limit you from anything. Some high school programs will offer shop, math and science sessions that help you gain a little insight on the chemical characteristics involved in welding. Your shop teacher can give you some advice on which schools both for local and regional offer welding courses. Your library is also a good source of books that deal with computer welding technology for a background on how it works.

Financial aids are sometimes available from technical schools as well as employers who are looking to employ you right after graduation. Therefore, you should check out this option because this is not just any ordinary opportunity as it becomes your advantage.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Experience and Practice Always Go Together

welding-89212_1280If you want to land a high-paying welding job, nothing beats having experience because employers would want to see whether you have learned how to actually weld. Many welders who have certifications cannot weld better than those who have been welding for a long time so even if you don’t have a lineup of certifications experience will always be your friend. While you are looking for a job, don’t stop welding – just keep practicing with scrap metal, project ideas then start welding and just enjoy it. Welding is enjoyable!

Did you check out the car on your upper right? It was made entirely as a project with small fragments of metal as material coming from a local junk yard.


If you have finished your welding program or even before you’re done with it, you can become an apprentice of an accredited welder to gain experience, complete the time requirement and take a welding certification exam. There are a number of certification types but this depends on where you reside including – aerospace, cranes equipment, bridges, dams, power piping and structural, just to name a few.

All states will require certification and it would help you if you join renowned organizations especially the national level like the American Welding Society and Bureau of Accredited Welding Technologies. You can get benefits from the association in addition to giving you a very competitive edge.

Most pipe welding work opportunities have better salaries unlike structural welding work opportunities because it is often necessary to hone your skills and usually has more challenging testing in the certification.

Finally, you could try working in a union as much as possible since it always has great negotiated contracts than working for private entities.


The most important part in achieving a high-paying welding job is creating a killer resume because here you can showcase your educational attainment and experience. You should organize your resume basing on the following key points:

  • Make a list of all company names you have worked for including accurate dates you worked for them.
  • Write the names of your immediate supervisor including the contact details so the company you are applying for can check out your references. (However, you should inform your references that they may be called).
  • Include a section where you can cite your detailed knowledge and experience – not just a work history. Write down the welding technology you have operated or learned how to operate so employers will know which upcoming projects you are appropriate.
  • Create a section where you list down your detailed educational attainment, certifications of training, accreditation or awards you have received.
  • Provide three colleagues (at the minimum) who can provide positive review of your professionalism and skills.
  • Make sure you include keywords within your resume in cases where employers make computer searches.


You must be thinking that if you have finished creating your resume or cover letter – it would be time to sit back, wait and relax. You’re wrong on this account because before you formally hand over your application you should aggressively be out there where others have failed to do.

If you want to capture the potential employer’s attention, the best way is to make a video presentation on a website that showcases your talent.

Doing so will place both the cover letter and resume in one setting – in easy format like audiovisual.

This will help you stand out from the rest of your competition and in addition will also show your expertise to potential employers in a way they can’t easily forget.

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