Money Making Welding Projects!

welding cartoonHave you been wondering about money making welding projects that can be made at home or a small welding shop? Well why not read on to find out more about money making welding projects and how you can use them to make money yourself!

Welding is not just about fun, it’s also a great way to build a career or simply make some extra money through making items people would like to buy.

With this in mind we have taken advantage of this to help you with your money making welding projects. Many people have the idea of using welding as a hobby to make money, but they tend to get stuck with ideas of what to make.

What items are good for welding projects to make money?

Before embarking on a few project ideas to help you with the revenue prospect of welding, let us first talk through some of the types of items people like to buy.

One of the great options for making money through welding is the art scene. Creating artistic items allows you to make quick and simple shapes that can sell for a good profit. This will be mentioned in one of the welding projects shortly.

Practical items are another big winner, the more bespoke the better. An example would be a lockable cabinet for horse owners where they can put items away and lock it up whilst away at horse shows. This may sounds like its already been done, but if you can nail down your design to make it specific to horse items you could be in for a great cash surge.

The above are just a couple of items that fit the bill for money making welding projects, the question is around what projects you can use to make money that fit your level of welding.

Beginner money making welding projects:

This is a nice, easy and fairly simple idea. You have read about artistic welding; well this doesn’t mean it has to be advanced welding.

For this you can buy dowelling rods and cast items such as leaves and flowers and set about creating wonderful metal flower scenes and sprawling flower designs. If you have the artistic flair to mix with your welding, there are a lot of people who will be interested in your work.

The most simple of these projects is to get a dowelling rod, bend it slightly to look like a weaving flower stem. Now weld on two or three cast leaves and on the top weld a cast flower head. Simply paint the flower any color you wish and you have a wonderful artistic flower to sell.

Intermediate money making welding projects:

So what can you make for an intermediate project? Well this is where practicality comes in to play. A prime example of a large scale intermediate project that can pay dividends is metal gates. You don’t need to use simple designs; you can even adopt some of the design elements of our beginner project above and weld cast iron elements on to the gate to give it character.

Metal gates are expensive to buy, but not actually that expensive to make. Using box section for the mounts, you then only need box section or round bar to make up the uprights and horizontal supports. On top of this you also need two hinges and you can even make your own locking mechanism.

If you have these on a made to order basis it will make your operation look bespoke so you can ask for more money too.

Advanced money making welding projects:

Now we are in the realms of the small fabrication shop. Here you can run wild with your ideas because your welding skills are to an advanced level.

A great idea for the advanced welder is a work shed or garden shed. You can create a simple shed structure using a frame and thin gauge steel sheets for the sides. If you are clever with your design it can be a simple bolt on, do it yourself, for the purchasing customer.

This may sound like a daunting task, but you would be surprised what some angle iron, box section and metal sheets can achieve with a little ingenuity. The revenue in this project is high as these sheds do not go for a small amount, you can also make them to order so you don’t have to put a lot of money up first.

One of the great parts of this project is that you are designing a flat pack shed so you can easily store the items within your workshop too.


The above money making welding ideas and projects are simply our thoughts to help you on the way to making money yourself. There are plenty of other great project ideas out there; many you could come up with yourself that do not currently exist. Whatever you do decide to do, we hope you enjoy the process and have fun in making money through welding.

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