Tig Welding Project Ideas

perfect tig weldingSo you have been honing your Tig welding skills and have decided to start building a portfolio of work to practise your skills further and evidence what you can do. The question then comes about what projects you should complete to build your portfolio and where you will get these Tig welding project ideas from.

Well today you can rest easy as we go through a few brilliant Tig welding project ideas for you, projects that fit the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels to suit all Tig welders needs. Now these are only a small number of the projects available to you, but hopefully you will find them interesting and also inspirational in building your own projects too.

What projects are best suited for Tig welding?

Well there are a great many projects suited to Tig welding, but if we were to categorize these projects then you would have to say that aluminum based projects are great for Tig welding. This is because they require skill and precision to work on, but also because tig welding is great for welding aluminum too.

Beginner Tig welding project ideas:

Metal art is in vogue at the moment, many people are paying a pretty penny to get their hands on some unique and interesting metal art, so why not try getting on the bandwagon?

This idea is simple and easy, all you need to do is ferret around and find some scrap metal of differing types and weld them together to make interesting sculptures and shapes. The easiest way is to get some old cogs and chains then weld them together and then weld your sculpture to a metal plate to act as a base. For those with a little more ingenuity, you can use your imagination to come up with all sorts of interesting and unique ideas.

If you have a clever mind you can even create something special that your wife or husband would be over the moon to receive as a gift!

Intermediate Tig welding project ideas:

Now this is an interesting idea, why not make your very own exercise bike. By this we don’t mean physically make a full exercise bike, instead make a special stand for your own bicycle where the rear wheel comfortably sits off the ground and you can bike with ease at home.

To do this use aluminum box section and make a U shaped section that will act as a base. Now cur two uprights and cut a deep U shape just wide enough for your bicycles rear frame near the back wheel to fit into. Weld an upright on the end of each U and then cut two pieces of box section to act as stabilizers by welding from the top of the upright to the ground at a 45 degree angle.

Finally place a metal plate at the bottom of each stabilizer and paint your bike stand. You may wish to buy padding for the sections where your rear bicycle frame goes too. You can place your bike on the frame and cycle inside as a make shift exercise bike!

Advanced Tig welding project ideas:

This one is for those who have an advanced knowledge of Tig welding. If you really want to test your mettle then why not try building scale size model cars? If you want to make something very intricate, something that will push your skills to the limit, then nothing is better than going to small scale where attention to detail and a steady hand is the way forward.

For this you need to collect many small pieces of aluminum such as dowel rods, sheet off cuts and cut tubing, then you need to design your car to the spec you want using these items and carefully weld them together.

The end result from these small aluminum items can be very impressive and would be good enough to grace the mantel piece of any home.

Intermediate to Advanced Tig Welding Idea:

home built chopper frameBuild a bobber or chopper frame. You’ll need to build a jig or buy a jig, and then you’ll need a set of plans for your frame. But it will be a fun and challenging project. If you get good at it you can sell them or build custom bikes.


There are many different options available for Tig welding project ideas, the issue is not only thinking of the idea, but also being able to design the item in question. Whilst this may be the case, the actual project ideas available are pretty much endless, you can make anything your heart desires if you have the time and patience.

The above ideas are just a small selection of those we have available; unfortunately they don’t all fit into one article so we picked one from each level of Tig welding expertise so you can get a flavor of the Tig welding project ideas available.

Tig welding as a hobby is all about enjoyment so always look for project ideas that really entice you and also delivers items of interest you will be proud of and wish to keep, such as the projects above.

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