Transformer Welder Guide!

Welding SteelThe transformer welder is older than the newer inverter welder. Some still consider this welder to be superior but others have moved on and now use the inverter welder more often. There are many debates about which welder is better.


The transformer welder is a lower cost welder that many welders like to use. This means that in your day to day work you’re not going to have to shell out as much cash to keep your welder operational. Over time this is going to be a good investment for you and your business.

Anywhere you can save money is going to be beneficial to you. Transformer welders are also older so you will be able to find these at budget prices since many are switching to the newer inverter welders. If you’re new to welding this can save you tons of money in the long run. If you don’t have the budget for the inverter welder then the transformer offers you a good bargain.

These transformer welders are also very easy to repair as compare to other welders that have more parts or use higher technology such as the inverter welders. You get a welder that’s strong and it will last you a long time so you save money with repairs. Since the welder is easy to repair and it costs a lot less this makes it attractive for many people to use this welder in their day to day welding work. You get a welder that you can rely on no matter what the situation and it will keep working when you want it to.


The transformer welder is a very good welder but it’s also quite bulky and you can’t just carry it around with you. These welders also need high voltage power so you also need to use generators and other power source to keep these welders running. You just can’t take this welder and plug it into an AC outlet and expect it to run. The inverter welders are light compared to the transformer welder so that makes those welders a better choice to move from job site to job site.

You can take the inverter welder and plug it into a regular socket and go to work. With your transformer welder you need additional power to get it to run. You’ll use more power using the transformer welder and over time this could cost you more money. An inverter welder also produces a better weld since it uses better technology.

Another disadvantage to the transformer welder is that it doesn’t use the latest technology and this puts it at a disadvantage in a rapidly evolving world that relies more and more on high technology solution to get jobs done.

A Decent Welder:

With a transformer welder you get older technology but it’s proven to work. You don’t have as many complicate parts and it can save you money. The Other welders may be more expensive but these use higher technology and they can use regular power sources. Newer welders are also portable so they can do more jobs in less time.

Best Transformer Welder:

Without getting into the chemical side of welding, the transformer is a key tool when it comes to welding. You have to find the right transformer to suit your purpose but also to find what the better conductor is. When it comes to using the transformer it is all to do with temperature and the kind of results that you want.

Silverline 868773 Arc WelderSilverline 868773 250 Amp Arc Welder:

The Silverline is a very powerful model with an amp of 250. It gives off excellent performance when working and moving the coil transformer has never been easier, offering a stepless regulation of welding current. It also has a built-in thermal and overload protector, allowing the work done to come with ease and worry free. Along with this is the knowing that it won’t overheat as the Silverline has a fan cooling system to prevent this from happening. This is a hugely significant process as it demands all of your attention on the job you’re doing rather than other things.


Weight – 11.7 kg
Length – 48 cm
Width – 31 cm
Height – 38 cm
Input capacity : 10Kw
Electrode size : 2.5 – 5.0mm
AMPS @ 60% Duty Cycle : 100A
Rated duty cycle : 10%

Silverline Arc WelderSilverline 466888 160 Amp Arc Welder:

Silverline are a very good company when it comes to transformer welders. Of course the question of what kind of force you would want to add with your welder is applicable but also what affect you want with the material used – aluminium or copper, for example. This model – the 466888 – has an arc weld current that ranges from 65-160 amps. It has a moving coil transformer which is by far the most interesting thing about the product.

Like a lot of welders – although a very good and wonderful thing – is that it has a fan that cools the welder and stops it from overheating. Over heating during working is nothing by an annoyance and a worry – therefore putting you off your work – thus it is a very good tool to have, making your mind only focus on the task at hand.

The Silverline has a 230 volt and a 16 amp power supply. It is compact and a light product – easy to carry around which is a great thing when it comes to taking your welder different places. The Silverline is a very easy model to use and does not have to be used by just experienced welders, it can be used by anyone and for any use – household or professional. In addition, the power range is perfect for any beginners of welding – its not too complicated to use and doesn’t clutter your mind with useless jargon.

Clarke 260TE ARC WelderClarke 260TE ARC Welder:

The Clarke 260TE is a very professional welder. It has many features that are of use when it comes to someone who is need of a transformer welder. It has an extra heavy duty transformer that gives a very superior and authentic performance. It has a welding capacity of up to 5mm thickness which will come in great use to anyone who wants to use their welder for a variety of things – from small jobs around the house to professional work.

The Clark 260TE has a 50-240 amp range and a turbo cooling fan that extends for a long period of time – aiding those who work to not get distracted or worry about unnecessary things. With this it also accepts electrodes of 2mm to 5mm, to match any work piece seizes required.

When it comes to using a transformer welder – and of course buying one – you have to take into account the kind of power you wish to have. The power used when using a transformer welder can make or break your work or project. With the Clark 260TE the power is 230-400V, 1ph up to 6.5Kw. This kind of force may be able to give you the outcome desired. Such as when using aluminum you need to be able to keep it clean to have the full outcome desired.

With the Clark 260TE you have a complete set of welding leads, electrode holders, earth clamps, face shields, chipping pick/wire brushes and wheel and handles. When it comes to the Clark model the welder needs to suit the purpose, as with any transformer welder, you have to understand what you want your outcome to be.

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